Stop losing time to
flaky tests

Automatically detect flaky tests. Focus on the top offenders to quickly improve your builds. Save developer time and frustration. Regain trust in your test suite.

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Automatically track flaky tests

Invest time eliminating flaky tests, not manually filing issues for them. BuildPulse gives you an up-to-date list of flaky tests for each repository.

List of repository's flaky tests

Zero in on your biggest problem areas

BuildPulse shows you exactly where you can have the most impact on improving the reliability of your builds.

Get one-click access to the build logs. Quickly see what's failing and why.

Email message showing flakiest tests for the past week

Keep an eye on health across all your projects

Identify trends with just a glance.

Spot the projects that need attention. Drill down to see what’s failing and get things back on track.

List of recently-built repositories with bar charts showing rate of flaky test over time

Within a few days of installing BuildPulse, it had identified our flakiest tests and helped us quantify their impact. We quickly prioritized dealing with those top offenders and our build stability shot up from 78% to 93%.

If your team is losing time to flaky tests like ours was, BuildPulse can quickly help you get them under control.

Josh Goldberg, Lead Engineer at Codecademy
Josh Goldberg
Lead Engineer, Codecademy

Frequently asked questions

Does this work with my CI service?

BuildPulse currently integrates with CircleCI, GitHub Actions, Semaphore, and Travis CI, and we're adding support for other providers soon. Get in touch to tell us which service you'd like to see us support next! (Jenkins, Buildkite, etc.)

What test frameworks can I use with BuildPulse?

Whatever test framework you're using, we want to support it! Right now, we support Cypress, Go, minitest (Ruby), pytest, RSpec, TestCafe, and TestNG (Java), and we can usually add support for additional test frameworks within a day or two. Let us know which test framework you'd like to use with BuildPulse, and we'll get back to you right away.

How do I set up BuildPulse?

After starting your free trial via the GitHub Marketplace, you'll get a few lines of configuration to add to your CI build script. Don't worry: we offer step-by-step guides for each CI service along with example code for each test framework.

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