About BuildPulse

Behind the scenes of the engineering productivity platform. 

What we do

BuildPulse helps you find & fix flaky tests, do actionable code coverage, and measure engineering productivity.

What started in 2020 as a platform to detect flaky tests is now the platform hundreds of companies use to deliver software faster, more efficiently, while strengthening confidence in test infrastructure.

BuildPulse by the Numbers


Reduction in flaky tests


Hours saved


Increase in build stability


Test results processed


Builds processed


Improvement in release velocity

Our Mission

Our mission is to increase engineering velocity and build confidence in product stability.

Our Values


We prioritize things that help us work together effectively, such as assuming positive intent, saying “thanks” and “sorry,” and giving timely feedback.


We operate with a sense of urgency and bias for action, and we do what we promise — to each other, customers, users, and investors.


From choosing boring solutions to documenting everything and being managers of one, we strive to make fast progress on the right things.

Diversity, Inclusion,
& Belonging

We work to ensure BuildPulse is a place where people from every background and circumstance feel like they belong and can thrive.


We aim to do the smallest viable and valuable thing, and get it out quickly for feedback.


Everything we do is public by default, from our company handbook to the issue trackers for our product.

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