BuildPulse is invested in security improvements for our customers and platform.

We understand the importance of security transparency at all levels that is required to sustain
the confidence our customers have in BuildPulse.

Trusted by Industry Leaders

"Within a few days of installing BuildPulse, it had identified our flakiest tests and helped us quantify their impact.

We quickly prioritized dealing with those top offenders and our build stability shot up from 78% to 93%."

Josh Goldberg

Lead Engineer

"BuildPulse has been instrumental to our de-flaking efforts. CI for our main web repository used to be extremely reliable and frustrating.

Thanks to BuildPulse, we were able to methodically enumerate flaky tests, prioritize them in terms of disruptive potential, drive them to 0, and keep them at 0 thanks to BuildPulse's actionable daily reports."

Jonathan Unikowski

Lead Engineer

"Flaky tests were a major roadblock delaying our deploys, but BuildPulse helped us get things back on track.

I especially appreciate getting prompt support directly from the founder."

Michael Menne


"If the problem is rare enough (i.e., flakes every week or so), fix the low hanging fruit and/or retry with the tougher ones. Once it gets worse (and it always does), it's time for real tooling around it, which means BuildPulse."

Rob Sanhiem

VP of Technology


You can authenticate with BuildPulse through Github and Bitbucket - both of which support SSO/SAML, and so do we.

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Penetration Tests

BuildPulse regularly runs security scans to make sure the platform is hardened with every release.

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Securing our software supply chain

BuildPulse runs SAST scans to make sure there are no vulnerabilities introduced in our source code as well as dependencies.

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SOC 2 Certified

We're SOC 2 Type 1 Certified. Contact for more information.

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